“Totus Tuus” 

Music: Henryk Górecki


Sung by: Kuba Badach at the “Sto Lat” concert, Royal Albert Hall 11/11/18


The Lord once stood on the shore
seeking people ready to follow Him
to fish for hearts
with words of God’s Truth.

Ref.: O Lord, it’s You who looked at me 
Your lips spoke out my name today 
I am leaving my boat on the shore
from today l’ll be fishing with You.

I am a poor man
my treasures are my ready hands 
to work with You
and my pure heart.

 You need, my hands, 
 my heart with youthful zeal,
 my drops of sweat 
 and solitude.

Today we’ll sail out together 
fishing for hearts on seas of human souls 
with the net of Your Truth
and the Word of Life.

English translation Janusz & Grazyna Sikora-Sikorski (November 2020)

“The Eight Beatitudes”

The piece was presented in Krakow during the pilgrimage
of the Holy Father John Paul II to his homeland in 1999.

Sung by: Various artists
Music: Jan Pospieszalski, Marek Wierzchucki, Marcin Pospieszalski
Words: New Testament (Mt 5,312)
Premiere: June 14, 1999

Bass guitar: Marcin Pospieszalski
Violin: Wojciech Łukasz
Flutes: Joszko Broda
Chorus: Agnieszka Piotrowska, Katarzyna Pysiak

“He often stares at me from out of there…”

Sung by: Lucyna Ordon-Klimczak (mezzo-soprano), Grzegorz Klimczak (piano)
Text: Karol Wojtyła   
Music: Grzegorz Klimczak

He often stares at me from out there 

He often stares at me from out there 
with looks holding my face.​
Do you know, do you know, my brother
how Our Father loves us ?

But the depth of these words no one knows 
and no one knows the furthest reasons 
how limitless was the suffering
this solitude upon the tree of the cross.

Though not the blood which blossomed within the tree
as all labours blossom in the bread of tomorrow
only this rejection from the Father
this rejection.

For these words: why have You forsaken me, 
Father, Father –  for My Mother’s tears
on your lips I have redeemed 
two most simple words: Our Father.

English translation Janusz & Grazyna  Sikora-Sikorski (November 2020)